About #wethevino

K and C Awesome GlassesHello! We’re K & C! We both grew up in The Mitten, and later ventured out to Colorado… C drawn by her love for the Rockies, and K drawn by her husband’s job fighting fires in the Wild West.

We’ve been friends for over 15 years, and have seen each other through thick and thin. We’ve found that both occasions are best handled with a glass of wine shared over either laughter or tears (or if we’re honest, often both).

K’s background is in fine arts, specializing in photography. She likes to tell her stories and share her adventures through pictures. Any of the good photos on this blog are her’s.

C is the one typing these words. She loves to travel, and does so often since she can literally take her job anywhere. She’s always laughing, and promises to not be too serious. 😛

After many adventures, we’re now opening the pages of our life story to share some of the vino fun with you!IMG_3836

We hope you enjoy these adventures as much as we do! #yourewelcome

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