Balisteri Vineyards: Denver, CO

B18985390_10155537324634739_1819954747_n.jpgalisteri Vineyards: we love this place. As in favorite, favorite, favorite.

Stopped here before our friend’s baby shower and could not wait until we could bring her back with us! Alas, 2 months later, and just 3 weeks after she gave birth, she, her husband, and the little peanut joined us for lunch and wine tasting!

Sunday afternoons are quite busy, but Balisteri did not disappoint.

Balisteri is a family establishment – 3 generations were working behind the counter. We were served by the Winemaker’s wife Birdie, and felt very welcomed – even with an infant in tow.

We enjoyed a pour of all their wines, with complimentary cheese and crackers. The opportunity to taste the menu was excellent, as we liked a few wines we wouldn’t have typically tried.

19022116_10155537324299739_1657282477_n.jpgTheir wines are hand crafted in-house with no added preservatives. John Balisteri – the winemaker – has been making wine his entire life and his passion for the fermented fruit is evident in each variety. Their Brother’s Cabernet Sauvignon is the most unique Cab Sauv either of us have ever had, and we each left with a bottle.

Like the wine, the food was divine. Everything is unique and packed with flavor. We’ve eaten half the menu and haven’t made a bad choice yet! Bonus points – if it’s your birthday you get a free dessert!

Pros: Surprising twists to traditional wines, friendly staff, beautiful building, yummy wine and food.

Cons: K can’t say the name of the winery (comes out distillery with a b). For real though, we’ve visited now many times and we’re still trying to find a con…

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