Kingman Fine Colorado Wines: Denver, CO

IMG_4675.JPGIt had been a long week… Yard work, housewarming party… Long days and long nights. We celebrated by spending a Sunday afternoon chipping away at the wine map in Denver.

Our first stop of the day was at Kingman Fine Colorado Wines off 64th Ave. They open at noon and we arrived fashionably late at 12:05pm. They were easy to find, and well worth the 75 minute drive.

We were greeted with a smile and warm welcome by the owners, Doug and Karen Kingman. They are a delightful couple, who began the winemaking journey about 5 years ago. Their winery and tasting room is located in a humble industrial building, which they are in the process of expanding.

For a small price of $5 (which they never charged us) we were able to taste all of their wines – including both their (aromatic and mouth watering) reserves. Their tasting room is open Saturdays and Sundays, and other days by appointment.

We were lucky enough to show up on the first weekend of the month, when reserves are included in their tastings (lucky ducks we were)!

Karen was wonderful! A down to earth lady, we talked about everything from the glassware, to the grapes, to what has inspired them thus far. We asked lots of questions and she was gracious to share about every piece of their journey – even what they’ve failed at in the past.

At first we were the only ones in the tasting room (which was awesome!), but within the hour, several other groups arrived. They are intentional about the experience they give to their guests, and although there were about 15 others in there by the end, we experienced great service from the moment we arrived till we walked out the door.


Karen took the time to give us a personal tour of the entire facility. They are truly a mom and pop operation, with one part-time staff person who helps with tastings on Saturdays. They are backed by a team of volunteers (we’re now on the list – you can be too! #awesome) who regularly help bottle, cork, and label their delicious vino. Volunteers get lunch and get to take a bottle of wine home. Can’t wait to serve!

Karen and Doug are very sweet and unassuming wine-craftsmen. Inspired by another winery’s down-home, hand-crafted approach, they’ve been in the winemaking business for about 5 years.

We loved how they’re continuallylearning about all things vino, and willing to share. There wasn’t an ounce of BS to be found in their presentation. Their grapes are mostly from CO, with a select few from CA.

In short, we loved Kingman Winery and left with 5 bottles. 🙂

Pros: great service, yummy wine (especially for such a young winery!), very knowledgable, volunteer bottling.

Cons: Tasting room is only open Saturday & Sunday.

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