Silver Vines Winery: Olde Town Arvada, CO

We visited Silver Vines Winery on the same day as Avanti – and it wins best stop of the day!

Silver Vines is located in Olde Town Arvada, and is the perfect destination for a girls day, or for a guy to impress his lady friend! There are many novelty shops and restaurants in the area. Time it right, and you can enjoy live music while tasting at Silver Vines.

We happened to visit Silver Vines on a Sunday – which was a pretty chill day around Olde Town, and pretty quiet in Silver Vines. Like most girls would, we enjoyed the undivided attention of the staff!

Silver Vines began in 2011, born out of two brothers’ passion for wine. They didn’t cut any corners in their wines, nor in fashioning their elegant tasting room – even the bathrooms are classy!

Their $8 tasting includes 3 very generous pours. Ever thrifty, we picked a total of 6 different wines. Reds of course!

Silver Vines

We enjoyed sipping on these six pours to the tune of great music and a relaxing waterfall. The room was comfortably air conditioned – which is wonderful on a hot summer’s day!

A relaxing moment was rudely interrupted by K’s dogs, who thought it would be fun to jump out the window onto the roof while we were away. The neighbor heard their frantic barking, and was able to get them back home and away from all windows. Naughty little furries.

We toasted to their safety and resumed our tasting…

After sipping, nibbling on yummy cheeses and chatting for a couple hours, we purchased a bottle (or two) of the Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grandview Reserve, then started the journey back home.

This great adventure was topped off with a stop at the Cheesecake Factory for a Luau Salad and Red Velvet Cheesecake. #girlsday #yolo #caloriesdontcountonsundays

Pros: Generous Pours, Classy Joint, Friendly Staff, Live Music, Plenty of Room

Cons: Tasting includes only 3 pours (but they’re not wimpy!)

Next time we plan a trip to Olde Town Arvada we won’t miss Silver Vines – on a live music night of course! #cantwait

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