Avanti Tasting Room: Littleton, CO

The next stop on our Front Range Wine Trail: Avanti Tasting Room in Littleton, CO.

Avanti bottles

Let me just start by saying that Avanti’s tasting room was particularly difficult to find. It’s located in a strip mall, and advertise the cigars they also carry more than the wine. Here’s a pic compliments of Google in case you happen to want to venture to their storefront in Littleton.
Upon walking in the door we were greeted with the sweet aroma of cigars, and a friendly welcome from a fellow Michigander (10 points already). We don’t much care for cigars, so this is the last you’ll hear of those!

If ever Avanti’s name is spoken we always echo with “mmm White Merlot”. This is the wine we most remember from our previous encounters with Avanti’s wine when they had a tasting room in Old Colorado City. Of course we were looking forward to tasting that, as well has the official tasting room experience.

The tasting room is open Tuesday – Sunday. We arrived one hour and fifteen minutes before closing on a Sunday afternoon, as many staff were returning from wine tasting excursions at local Farmer’s Markets. Sounds like they offer tastings at A LOT of markets and wine festivals.

Avanti is named after its owner’s late dog. They have a sweet spot for Greyhound rescues, and donate a portion of their sales to rescuing these furry friends. You will see many of their pictures on the bottles. Aren’t they cute?Avanti Dogs

We were told we’d be tasting all the open bottles (yea!) little did we realize, there were not many open bottles (boo!). We had come so far and were a bit bummed out. Even after telling them about traveling 2 hours to taste their wine they were unsympathetic and we never did get to taste that White Merlot or their most popular wine, the Mayday Red.

They did, however offer to sell us any of the opened bottles for $5 since at that point they would be closing in 45 minutes and didn’t expect to do more tasting. We were sticker-price-suckered into the Pinot Pomegranate. (And bought another unopened bottle because it’s just so dang good!)

The wines were delicious, but the tasting experience wasn’t worth the drive. If you happen to see them at a market or festival, it’s our opinion that a drive out to the tasting room isn’t necessary.

Thankfully we had 2 stops on the list and the second was worth the drive! Check out our Silver Vines post…

Pros: free tasting of all (open) wines, yummy wine, proceeds support Greyhound rescues, $5 open bottles at the end of the day

Cons: difficult to find, lack of finesse, small tasting room (room for 6), weren’t able to taste all wines

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