Catriona Cellars: Monument, CO

Each year Colorado Springs is home to the Indulgent Festival. Vendors from around the state provide yummy treats for attendees to sample. There’s lots of wine, chocolate, and… probably other things, but wine and chocolate are really all that matter.

Among the 2015 vendors was a winery just North of Colorado Springs named Catriona Cellars. They generously gave away coupons for buy one get one half price glasses of wine (smart move!). This is where our story begins: on a Thursday afternoon, wine tasting at… you guessed it!

Wine Trail Map

Catronia Cellars was a nice little stop in the sweet town of Monument, CO. Just a few minutes West of i-25.

It’s a classy little joint, serving both wine and yummy smelling food. They’ve also got supplies for home brewing & wine crafting, as well as a cutesie little gift shop. We ooh’ed and aah’ed at lots of purty little trinkets and probably touched every single thing in there. We’ve never mastered the ‘look but don’t touch’ thing.

Their wine tastings include three pours – or 6 if you share your tastes (which of course we did)!

Many of their wines proudly displayed medals around their necks, which is exciting for the winery, but not always an indicator of what you’re going to love.

We both preferred the wine with the biggest price tag (but no medals), named Off the Beaten Path. It’s a yummy limited edition blend and a portion of the sales are helping purchase a piece of land that connects beautiful trails and open spaces in the area. We’re suckers for a good cause.

The best takeaway of the day was not the wine, but instead the little brochure that was sitting on the tasting counter. Namely the Colorado Front Range Wine Trail.

This brochure lists the tasting rooms for Colorado wineries in the Front Range’s Northern Region, Denver Region and Southern Region.

Speaking of oohing and aahing…

We took our glasses of Off the Beaten Path to the courtyard (which is gorgeous by the way, and planted with many beautiful herbs that one would guess are used in their dishes), and mapped out our next adventures in the Denver Region! We’ve had wines from many of these wineries, but got really excited on that Thursday afternoon to begin the tour of their official tasting rooms! Yea!

Our map…

The Map

We’d love to report on the food at Catronia Cellars, but we must have been wearing our invisible cloaks that day because nobody ever came to serve us. We were a little sad, but bread pudding from Southern Hospitality down the road quickly cleared our invisible blues.

Pros: Great Atmosphere, friendly wine and gift shop staff, unique gift shop/home brew store

Cons: Tasting only includes 3 pours, inattentive (food) serving staff, pretty average wine

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