Welcome to We the Vino!

Welcome to We the Vino – we’re so glad you’re here!

As our first blog post, we’d like to start with an introduction, a little story, and our plans for this super awesome blog!

An intro… We’re K & C, and to be perfectly blunt – we’re nothing special. I mean, our moms think we are, but they kinda have to.

When it comes to wine – we’re totally not special. We’re not Sombleaeaeaes (or whatever that word is)… we’re just two girls who like vino. And we like the experiences we have with vino. And we think it might be fun to share them. We like expensive vino, and we like (some) boxed vino. In a nutshell (help, I’m in a nutshell!) – we’re just your average janes. K and C

We work hard, and we like to enjoy the (fermented) fruits of our labor. We like to try different varieties, and visit wineries. If we like the wine and the experience we will leave with a case. If not, we’ll leave with a little storyBalisteri

This blog was inspired by two men we shall call The Tank and The Mustache. The Tank provided us with what is, to date, our best wine tasting experience – at Balisteri Vineyards in Denver, CO. He was friendly, knowledgable, and provided us with an entire afternoon of wine tasting, free cheese and crackers (yum!), and delicious food (double yum!). He never seemed rushed, even gave us a personal tour of the winery. We were wooed into a case of delicious wine – which is almost gone, so stay tuned for a review of experience #2!

It didn’t hurt that he was Mr. May in the 2015 Colorado Firefighter Calendar. I mean, can you blame us for spending an afternoon with these abs – er – I mean this guy?

The Tank

Our experience with The Mustache couldn’t have been more different than our experience with The Tank. We met The Mustache when visiting 2South Food + Wine Bar in the heart of Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs, CO). Upon entering we were greeted by said hipster with a carefully waxed handlebar mustache. First of all – eew. Anywho… after disapproving of the fact that we did not have reservations, The Mustache seated us at a corner table over the vent in a near-empty room. He then provided us with quite possibly the worst service to date. He couldn’t leave our table fast enough, and after bringing a wine that C thought tasted like strawberry jam he laughed, and said “I’ve studied under 5 somm’s, and I can tell you that does NOT taste like strawberry jam.” Well excuuuuuuse me. Our experience stunk, but the table was cute!

The Mustache

This brings us to our plans for this super awesome blog…

As mentioned before, we’re your average janes. We don’t pretend to be snobby nor to be wine experts. We intend to drink bottles of vino, visit wineries, and share our experiences. We don’t take life too seriously, nor do we take wine too seriously. We’re gonna have fun and hope to have you along for the ride!

Serious Pic

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